Company profile

Beijing Zhongxing Shiqiang Ceramic Bearing Co., Ltd. is the first private joint stock high-tech enterprise specialize in manufacturing rare-earth ceramic bearing in China.


Our company founded in Beijing Zhongguancun in July 2003, our factory is located in A38# Weishanzhuang industry district, Daxing district, Beijing.China.


Rare-earth ceramic bearings take advantage of superior physical, chemical and mechanical properties of modern engineering ceramics, use national invention patent Rare-earth ceramic bearing components and manufacturing method(ZL92114993.X) and Processing technic of ceramic balls(ZL94106294.5), produced by special processing technic and have a lot of excellent performance.
Rare-earth ceramic bearings have many outstanding advantages, resistant to strong acid , strong alkali, salt
other corrosion, elevated temperature, and wear. Light structure weight, high limit speed, low noise, electric insulation, stable dimension at elevated temperature, small starting torque etc.

Theyre able to work under the poor lubrication condition, have longtime working life, can be widely used in aviation, aerospace, navigation, petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, automobile, locomotive, metallurgy, electronics, light textile, pump, pharmacy, food machinery, medical machinery, national defense and military technologyTheyre new materials and hi-tech products have big society and economic benefit.

At present, Our company are able to produce ceramic components made of four high performance ceramic materials- Si3N4, SSiC, ZrO2, Al2O3 . We can produce 280 types which precision from P0-P4 full ceramic bearings, hybrid ceramic bearings. Minimum inner diameter is 4mm, maximum outer diameter is 180mm. The full ceramic bearings made of Si3N4, SSiC, ZrO2. Models we produce generally are as follows:

  1. Deep groove ball bearing: 6800-6820, 6900-6920, 16001-16018, 6000-6020, 6200-6220, 6300-6320 series
  2. Angular contact bearing: 7900-7920 C/AC, 7000-7020 C/AC, 7200-7220 C/AC/B, 7300-7320 C/AC/B series (C: contact angle 15 °, AC: contact angle 25 °,  B: contact angle 40 °)

3. Double row self aligning ball bearing: 1200-1218, 1300-1318 series

   4. Spherical surface ball bearing: UC201-UC210 series

   5. Minisize ball bearing: 684-689, 694-699, 604-609, 624-629, 634-639 series

   6. High precision cylindrical roller and rolling cone bearing NN3000(3180100series) NU200/30200 series

Full ceramic bearings are specially designed under different working conditions. For example, full ceramic full complement bearings, non-standard ceramic bearings etc. According to different working conditions, use retainer made of different materials, such as: PTFE, PEEK,  PFA, Nylon, polyformaldehyde, brass, aero space aluminum etc.

For many years, our enterprise have formed R&D, production, process(work fixture), test and after service integrated professional team. Formulate and complete company inner quality standard 73 terms. Formed unique test methods from raw material to finished product. Gained four national patents.

We have founded ceramic powder production, isostatic forming, gas protecting sintering, bearing, product superfinishingcomplete technology system. We can produce all kinds of accuracy class rare-earth ceramic bearing, ceramic roller cone, ceramic balls according to ISO, GB standards or user requirements.

    Except ceramic bearings, we have successfully developed four structure ceramic mechanical parts, ceramic  nozzle, ceramic mechanical seals, measuring implement, set block, ceramic bearing standard component, ceramic wire-drawing die, ceramic battery mould, ceramic activity fulcrum, ceramic bulletproof piece, ceramic valve, ceramic plunger40 new products made of Si3N4, SSiC, ZrO2, Al2O3. We also successfully developed full sealed ceramic bearing and and gained the national patent.

    Si3N4 main performance and typical application

    Main performance:

    High strength in a wide using temperature range

    High fracture toughness

    Abrasion resistance, shock resistance, wear resistance

    Good thermal shock resistance

    Resistance to chemical attack

    Typical application

    Antifriction bearing balls and cylindrical roller, cutting tools

    Engine moving parts, valve, turbocharger rotor

    Engine wear-resisting parts, cam follower, tappet rod

    Turbine blade

    Metal tube forming mould and compression roller

    Precision main shaft and drive shaft in high wear-resisting condition

    Welding positioner

    SSiC main performance and typical application

    Main performance

    Low density

    High strength

    Low coefficient of thermal expansion

    High thermal coefficient

    High hardness

    High elasticity modulus

    Good thermal shock resistance

    Skyhigh chemical inertness

    Typical application

    Fixed and moved turbine motor component

    Vacuum chamber ceramic panel

    Seal ring and bearing

    Ball valve component

    Thermal current pipeline

    Heat exchanger

    Semiconductor processing equipment

    ZrO2 main performance and typical application

    Main performance

    Using temperature  can be reached to 2400

    High density

    Low thermal conductivity coefficient

    Chemical inertness

    Molten metal corrosion resistance

    Ionic conductivity

    Abrasion resistance

    Higher fracture toughness

    High hardness

    Typical application

    High density ball and milling medium

    High precision ball valve and base

    Metal tube forming roller and guider

    Ceramic yarn and thread guide

    Metal heat extrusion tool

    Deep hole valve and base

    Al2O3 main performance and typical application

    Main performance

    High wear resistance

    Very excellent dielectricity property in DC to GHZ high frequency range

    In high temperature, strong acid and strong alkali, corrosion resistance

    Good heat conductivity coefficient

    Excellent size and shape stability

    Higher strength and hardness

    Al2O3 of degree of purity from 94% to 99.5% are very easy to form metal composition, can be used in high temperature field


    Gas laser

    Core box panel

    Seal ring

    High temperature electrical insulator

    High pressure electrical insulator

    Brasque pipe

    Ceramic yam and thread guide